How to Create A Family Mission Statement

Not by You but by Them

In my daily video this morning, I talked briefly about our Family Mission Statement, although the message was about Lies Lies Lies (FB Video).  As promised, here is copy of our statement written a few years ago.


Now that you see it, feel free to copy it, crib from it, tweak it, or use it as a template.  But, just do something with your family and kids.  Do it this evening. It does not need to be perfect.  It does not need bible verses.  It just needs to be you and your spouse and your kids mapping out the theme for your family.

Two Questions to Ask When Making a Decision

Is it right? Will it hurt?

Today’s video relays a story about my son Dylan, who stepped up and did the right thing and was called at FAT-F&$*!  I was ready to file suit against this bully’s parent and enroll Dylan in karate!

After watching the video, leave a comment about any additional questions you ask yourself when making a decision.